Use Cases

There are many use cases in which SIMPLYSLIDES could be a critical success factor for your business. This applies to all industries and business types, be it a advertising or sales agency or a large company.

SIMPLYSLIDES helps you to collaborate with customers or colleagues even more fruitfully.

Have a look at these 3 examples:

Imagine yourself working in a café in Paris and you want to present a new concept to a customer in Sydney. No matter where your customer is, you just make a call and while you’re on the phone, you tell your customer, that you have something to show. Invite her/him to your SIMPLYSLIDES show and lead your customer remotely through your presentation. Easy.


You could even sit on the beach while presenting your strategies and ideas to a large audience. Your audience is sitting elsewhere in the office, in front of a computer, using a speakerphone. And you are gently presenting your strategies, everyone is listening and everyone is looking at the same page. Well done.


Now you are in a conference room with a number of participants. You’ve attached a computer to a projector and use your iPad to present. So you could even walk around the room and control your presentation. One or even more might not be able to attend your presentation. But thanks to SIMPLYSLIDES, they can dial into a conference call and follow your presentation on the screen.

And there are many many more. Tell us how you use SIMPLYSLIDES!