3 Good Reasons

Always the latest version on hand, no more sending presentations by email

For your conference calls, you don’t have to email your presentations anymore, last-minute updates might not even reach everyone.

Using SIMPLYSLIDES, you are always well prepared with the latest version of your presentation. Therefore, since there are no drafts or previous versions around, there will be less irritation through different versions.

And promised, your remote customers and colleagues will value focus.


Easy to use and compatible with all platforms – no installation or configuration

SIMPLYSLIDES is famously easy to use.

Fast, obvious and instantly intuitive. Compatible with all platforms and without downloading, installing and configuring software. There will be no problems with firewalls and of course, no problems with undeliverable emails due to large attachments anymore.

Again, it is as easy as opening a web-page.


Full control – therefore more focusing, time and less interposed questions

You are the master of the presentation, you are the only one with controls.

Thanks to SIMPLYSLIDES, you can ensure that each and everyone – sitting next to you or in remote locations – is looking at the same page and stays on topic, so you all talk about the same thing.

Hence, no meeting overruns, you get work done much more quickly and there will be less distractions and fewer questions.